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We Provide Free Preschool through the VPK program

Free VPK Preschool ProgramThe Florida Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program (VPK Program) offered by First Presbyterian Learning Centers Preschool in Hollywood FL meets the need of all 4- year old children and their families for high quality early learning, regardless of family income.  The goal of our VPK Program is to prepare 4-year old children for Kindergarten readiness, success in school and in life.

In the VPK program of the Learning Centers, we address multiple areas of child development and early learning, including: language & communication, numbers & math skills, social skills, learning self-control and appropriate expression of feelings, empathy toward others, and motor skills & physical development.


How VPK will Benefit Your Child

Our preschool teachers and VPK instructors at First Presbyterian Learning Centers know that early in childhood is a time of  intense brain development.  The quality of the education children receive during this time helps to ensure that your child will succeed later in school, college, career and life.Pour Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Program is Top Rated

You can obtain more information about the Florida VPK Program at  And to learn more about how to enroll your child in the First Presbyterian Learning Centers VPK, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to get you started or answer any questions!


Our VPK program is top rated!

At First Presbyterian Learning Centers preschool, we are proud to be continuously rated a high performing school ever since since the implementation of our VPK program in 2005.  Our program’s success is due to our VPK Instructors’ high levels of training and experience, commitment and dedication to each student, and the application of the Creative Curriculum and lesson planning in accordance with VPK standards.

We keep parents informed of their child’s progress by issuing student progress reports regularly and arranging parent-teacher conferences as needed.

The VPK school year ends with a free cap and gown Graduation Ceremony!


The 2015/16 VPK certificates are available online now! All children residing in Florida are eligible if born between 09/02/10 – 09/01/11, regardless of parental income.

For applications go to or contact us at 954-922-8558! We can assist with the application process!

Register your full- or part time 2015/16 VPK student now and receive a discount!

  • Through April 30, 2015, the registration fee is $100.00.
  • Starting June 1st, the registration fee will increase to $200.00
  • After July 4th, the registration fee will be $290.00
  • The monthly tuition fee is $300.00 for part-time students.
  • The monthly tuition fee is $ 500.00 for full-time students.
  • The monthly tuition fee is $ 600.00 for year-round students

You may find it helpful to know that First Presbyterian Learning Center is a VPK provider since VPK was first implemented in 2005. The center is licensed, accredited, VPK approved and rated “well-performing” consecutively since 2005. The center received 4.5 stars from Broward County Licensing Office and a Certificate of Excellence for its program from Family Central!

Our teachers are experienced, credentialed and VPK certified early childhood educators. First Presbyterian Learning Center enjoys an outstanding reputation with school teachers of Hollywood elementary schools for incoming students who are kindergarten ready!

Our curriculum is the state of the art, research based, VPK approved “Creative Curriculum” that includes academic and character development teaching components.

We serve free healthy snacks with fresh fruits daily, host an endearing Christmas Pageant and celebrate our students with a free festive cap and gown Graduation Ceremony!

We are looking forward to welcoming your student to our 2015/2016 VPK program!