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Is There Such a Thing as a Perfect Parent?

Parenting isn't PerfectFor the parents out there, have you ever stop and said: “Wow, I’m a heck of a parent,” or do you often find yourself questioning your parenting skills?

It seems as if parenting and guilt were cut from the same fabric . . “I should spend more time with my son, I shouldn’t be so rough with my little girl, I wish I can give them more, I didn’t had to yell at them, I totally forgot about soccer practice… and the list goes on…”

The reality is, nothing in this world is perfect and no matter how much you search for it, there is no single guidebook on how to raise kids. Parenting techniques and approaches vary from culture to culture and parent to parent. Each parent has a different journey. I put together a few things I learned from my parent’s parenting techniques:

Positive Parenting

“Yes, you can!,” although it sounds like a political slogan, these were the words of my mother. As cliche as that might sound, parents’ words can make all the difference. Ms. Fatima highlighted my strengths, complemented my talents, and encouraged my projects. As children grow into early childhood, their world will begin to open up. They will begin to explore and ask lots of questions. Their interactions with family and those around them will help to shape their personality. For that reason, is important to be positive. My father, for example, has always told me life is all about perspective. I remember being five the first time he spoke about the glass being half full or half empty. We all know the answer, of course. The optimist parent would say the glass is half full.

Discipline Consistency

As much as I love Full House and the rest of squeaky clean family shows like Seven Heaven and The Brady Bunch, real families don’t work this way. Not everything is fixed with a hug and not all children listen after being scolded. Every so often you’re bound to break your own rules, especially when they are little and adorable, but discipline consistency is key. Both of my parents have always agreed on what was allowable and forbidden. Simple things as bedtimes, diets, videogame regimen, homework routines, language choices, etc. For example, until this day I can’t seem to say the phrase, “I hate.” It was a bad word in my house. Make sure to be clear and consistent when disciplining your child. Even for separated parents, agreeing on manners, behavior, and discipline styles will avoid confusion for the children. Explain and display the behavior that you expect from them.

Now going back to the question: Is There Such a Thing as a Perfect Parent?

There is no such an alien among us. Who ever says they are a perfect parent is delusional or in denial. Ms. Fatima always says: Parenthood is what you make it, so come as you are, grab your babies and make the journey a special one. The years fly and before you know it, they’ll be taking care of you.

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