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Intuition in Children – Powerful Stuff!

pexels-photo-27806In a world of high-tech computers, tablets, cell phones, video games, and apps, how can we teach our children about intuition and to be more in-tune with themselves?

I recently watched a documentary on Netflix called, “InnSaei,” which is the ancient Icelandic word for “intuition.” That documentary changed my entire perception of life, interactions with others, and what we’re teaching future generations.

Their argument is plain and simple: “Modern people are not in touch with their intuition.”

On one hand, I’d like to think they are wrong! On the other, it’s a fair statement considering most children are learning to use technology from a young age and as result we are all disconnecting from reality.

So the question is: How can we help our children connect in a world full of noise, distraction and stress?

There is no single system for it, but here a few things we got from the documentary:

Teach them about themselves

Besides intuition,“InnSaei” also means “to see within” which means to know oneself.

When children know themselves so well, they are also able to be aware of others. Why is this important? Simply because we want to raise children who know themselves well  enough to be able to put themselves in other people’s shoes.

In this violent world, children with more empathy and kindness can make all the difference. The documentary features a British school that teaches children, from a young age, the part of the brain that acts or reacts based on their experiences.

Teaching our children about right and wrong is not enough, decision-making through both narrow mindedness and broad mindedness helps them focus on a particular issue or see the bigger picture when necessary. This school also teaches children about “Brain Breaks,” which is a way to pause when we need to, when upset, stressing, or when we need to be aware of a particular situation in order to make the best decision.

Teaching them to live the moment

Children are photographed since they are born and it does not stop there. We photograph them to celebrate their baptism, first birthday, graduation, first day in school, first performance and the list goes on and on.

Why? The only thing I can think of is to save beautiful memories for the future or to post them on social media. So are we living in the wrong time-frame and for others? What about living in the present and for ourselves?

Mindfulness and living in the moment can make children enjoy the present to the fullness. Imagine them jumping to a pool for the first time and having their parents’ eyes set on them through their own eyes and not a camera.

Children who are aware of their surroundings can enjoy their moment to the fullest, smell odors we might breeze through, be more courteous with others or react better and faster in moments of danger.

Parents, we have the tools in our hands. Let’s be the example and help them disconnect from technology when they have to connect more with their present mind, body and spirit.

Connecting them with Nature

“Nature is the silent witness of intuition,” stated the documentary.

The film emphasizes that we can’t have intuition without nature. Yet children in this generation barely play outside. Hollywood Learning Centers have gone in the opposite direction, taking children outdoors more often, implementing aerobics and other extracurricular activities so they can get to know their bodies.

Our summer and winter camps have lots of trips to parks and other natural-related environments because we want them to engage with nature, find their interests and develop their mental and physical capacities.

So, 3 things to try:

  1. Let’s make an effort to disconnect our children from those bright screens (phones, tablets, TVs) and encourage them to read more books or play outside. At least during the weekends.
  2. Let’s plan more trips to the park, fields or any other fun activities that will help them form a bond with mother nature. Examples: Plant a tree, buy a plant, teach them those outdoor games we used to play in our times (hide-and-seek, rope jumping, tag, monkey in the middle, etc.)
  3. Intuition comes from experience. Let’s teach our children to listen to that little voice inside of them! Practice breathing and quiet exercises.

We have so many options to prepare our children for the future. Do you have questions about Hollywood Learning Center’s Curriculum, Summer Camp or Aftercare program? Contact Hollywood Learning Centers at (954) 922-8558

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