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Hollywood Learning Centers Know The Importance of Teaching Multiculturalism

multicultural-blogHollywood Learning Centers picked the Hispanic Heritage Month to promote not just our hispanic community, but also all those beautiful cultures that makes us unique. We want to celebrate our diversity!

We look at each and everyone of our students’ here at Hollywood Learning Centers and see their ancestors’ diversity.  For that reason, we want to do something to learn about each other. Multicultural education promotes close working relationships among the school, home, and community in order to provide consistent expectations and mutual support. It is important to celebrate the diversity of cultures, ethnic backgrounds, and races of children around the world.

To give you a little background on our beautiful city of Hollywood, FL, where we’re all different. A recent census research suggest that although English is the first language with a 66.94%. Spanish language speaking residents account for 21.62%, French makes up 2.06%, Creole consisted of 1.32%, Italian comprised 1.12%, Romanian are at 0.91%, Hebrew at 0.88%, Portuguese 0.84%, and German as a mother tongue was 0.72% of the population.

Hollywood Learning Centers will like our preschool to promote multicultural awareness with our annual “Multicultural Food Festival” happening this Friday, October 14th.

The geography of our students’ countries, along with their popular cuisine, holidays, festivals, clothing, and language will be discussed and shared in a day full of food and traditional outfits runway.

Let’s teach our children about each other’s cultures by sharing a delicious dish and traditional attires so they understand how our differences make us unique!


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