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Sunday School

Our Sunday School & Youth Ministry


Our Church, First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood has a great Sunday School  for children, call “Good News Kidz“!

Each Sunday, after he first 15 minutes of worship in the sanctuary, children go to our innovative Sunday School program, Good News Kidz.  Our Sunday Children’s Ministry takes place in the same building that houses our Learning Centers so your children will be in a space already familiar to them. Sunday School teachings for children are led by trained and highly experience volunteers who help your children learn how to have a relationship with God.


At Good News Kidz, Children learn about God in a Way they can understand

We know that children have different ways of learning.  Some learn best through doing art and others through hearing a story, others by acting, etc.  So we use a curriculum that addresses all those different ways children learn.   For five weeks, we focus on one central theme based upon the Bible, and in each of those weeks we provide a variety of ways for children to experience that lesson.  They may be baking something in the kitchen or hearing a story-teller dramatically retell a Bible story or engaging in a creative hands-on craft.  By focusing on a central theme for five weeks, we also accommodate the busy schedules of today’s families, so that if a child misses a Sunday or two, he or she still gets all the key concepts of that particular theme.

We have experienced, trust-worthy, and trained teachers

In our Sunday School children’s program, we have volunteer teachers that have often been serving in this ministry for years or  even decades.  They know how to relate to kids!  Plus, because of the extensive knowledge we have of their background, we are confident too that your children are always with safe and responsible adults.  Our part-time staff person for Christian education, Rev. Rosemary Noga Welton, who is not only a pastor but also an experienced teacher herself, provides regular training for our teachers so that they are fully equipped to help your children grow spiritually.


We believe children need to be seen AND heard!

At Good News Kidz, and through various other opportunities such as our Fifth Sunday Family worship service, we give opportunities for your children to get fully involved in learning more about themselves and God’s love for them.    We want children to know just how unique and wonderful they are!  We create an environment that surrounds your children with affirmation and love, so that they don’t simply learn about God’s love, they experience that love through the caring and supportive volunteers who serve them each week.     We want our Sunday School to be a place where kids experience joy, encouragement, and get a taste of just how deeply God values each of them.