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Preschool Chapels

Preschool Chapel Experiences That Are Joyful and Fun 


We believe that children benefit from understanding God’s unconditional love and acceptance.  We communicate this love through chapel experiences that are joyful and fun.  For our youngest children in our Early Learning Center daycare program, Pastor Kennedy visits their classrooms and leads them in three high-energy songs and dances that focus on same basic point – Jesus loves me!  This makes children feel special and appreciated for who they are.  Knowing that they are loved is one of the building blocks to healthy self-esteem.

Our preschool students go to our beautiful light-filled sanctuary for 35 minutes of high-energy music, a story from the Bible, and a time of prayer led by Pastor Kennedy.   Each week includes a simple point that helps the children understand the basic concepts of Christian belief  (e.g. Jesus loves you, be kind to one another, etc.).   This 35-minute experience has become one of the children’s favorite activities.  This chapel program is always open for parents to attend.  We invite you to come anytime and see it for yourself.

For our after school students, we provide a 45-minute program in the sanctuary where they choose the songs, even compile a new song book each year from songs they select, and have various other participatory roles from being the music DJ for the day to having roles in the Bible stories we act out each week.   We leave time for lots of group participation and also for them to share their prayer requests as we circle up for the closing prayer.


We Share Our Faith With Love and Respect

As we communicate our experience of God’s love in Jesus, we work diligently to never denigrate any other faith tradition.  We give the opportunity for children to freely express their curiosity about God, and to feel that they can bring to God anything on their mind.  That means we get a lot of prayers for Legos, princesses and ponies, and flowers and sharks among other things.  If you are interested in more information on chapels or how we communicate faith and spirituality, please feel free to speak to the directors of our programs or with Kennedy, our pastor.


Come see us on Sunday too!

Our doors are always open. If you are a person who is curious about Christianity or if you are looking for a Christian community with which to connect, come see us too at our weekly Sunday worship gatherings at 10 AM.   We have great ministries for your children, and a meaningful worship experience for you.  And we’re open every Sunday!