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5th Sunday Family Worship Service

 Children in Church

We know that children learn best by participating.  So during the times of the year where we have five Sundays in a month, we reserve that 5th Sunday for a very special family worship event.   In this intergenerational worship service, children, together with their parents serve as ushers, greeters and worship leaders.  The family worship service centers on a theme that has been a focus in our innovative Sunday School Program, Good News Kidz, and Kennedy, our pastor, prepares a special interactive message that touches on that theme.  It’s a fun and educational experience for all!



As your children grow up, we give them further opportunities to serve. From working with various ministries in the life of the church, to volunteering as a student leader in Good News Kidz, to taking on particular roles on Sunday morning during worship, children can get involved in Church in ways that interest them  We believe that children need to both be seen and heard, and we are always working to give more opportunities for that involvement to happen.