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Curriculum Overview

Our preschool and daycare early learning curriculum goes beyond the montessori method

Our Early Childhood Learning Curriculum: we go beyond Montessori!

Creative Curriculum: A Preschool Curriculum that Goes Beyond Montessori

At First Presbyterian Learning Centers, our preschools use Creative Curriculum, a teaching strategy that goes beyond the Montessori approach.   Our curriculum takes the best from the Montessori methods and then adds to them from other approaches based on the very best research in early childhood learning and development.   In other words, we choose not to be limited to only one approach as in a Montessori school, but rather to take the best from what research shows is most effective in early childhood education.


How Your Children Will Learn

Your children will learn in fun, playful ways usually without realizing that they are actually learning on every level of development: cognitive, social, emotional, and physical.   We accomplish this with:

1) Classroom Design.  Similar to a Montessori classroom, we arrange each classroom in different areas that we call “centers”.  Each center is like a cozy section of the room that is focused on a specific type of learning and development.  For example, we have “centers” that encourage visual-spacial development using Building Blocks, centers for Dramatic  & Pretend Play, other centers for  Art, Science, Math, Writing, and a special area where children eat snacks and learn table manners.

2) Focus on Areas of Child Development.  Each center contains a rich variety of games, books, learning toys and teaching tools that are designed to enhance the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth of young children at each stage of development.  Our approach to early childhood learning goes beyond the typical Montessori classroom by adding learning areas such as the snack center which helps children learn life skills and social skills.

If you are more interested in learning more about Creative Curriculum, we have a free informational booklet available at the front desk that goes into further detail.


Our preschool aquarium in part of an interactive classroom design that promotes learning.

Our preschool aquarium helps children become calm and relaxed, while learning about nature and kindness toward living creatures.


Monthly Learning Themes

Each month we focus on a different theme. Our themes are design to capture the interest and imagination of young minds.  Our themes include learning about feelings, nutrition, teamwork, gratitude, sharing and giving, modes of transportation, cultural diversity, the environment, insect & animals, Easter, and special days in life like graduating from preschool!

Our current theme schedule is:

AUGUST:   All About Me. Students learn to name various emotions, practice healthy habits and sharpening their senses.

SEPTEMBER:   Safety, Health, Nutrition. Students learn ways to stay safe and care for themselves and others.

OCTOBER:   All about Community. Students learn of ways to help each other. Pumpkin Patch Parent Volunteers are role models for students demonstrating the accomplishments of community service and team work.

NOVEMBER:   The Beauty of a World Full of Colors. Students learn about being thankful and the concepts of citizenship and responsibility.

DECEMBER:  Christmas Celebrations. Students learn that giving is as joyful as receiving.

JANUARY:  Means of Transportation. Students learn that there are many types of transportation that move people and things to faraway places, where many things are different, including the winter season.

FEBRUARY: Cultural Diversity and Respect. Students learn about different cultures, languages and traditions and how families in other parts of the world live.

MARCH:  The Environment. Students learn how to recycle and how important it is to keep the environment clean. Animals and plants are a part of this world, demanding respect and care.

APRIL:  Insects, Animals, Easter. Students learn about insects and their life cycles of growth and change. Easter is a time to celebrate new life and renewal.

MAY/JUNE:  Special Days, Graduation. Students will review the topics of the year, express gratitude for the work of teachers and celebrate the graduating class.

Of course, our curriculum also includes a strong academic skills component.  For details on the academic portion of our preschool curriculum, please click here to visit our: Academics Page.


Parent Involvement

Please keep in mind that as outstanding as our curriculum is, we still can’t do it without you!   At our preschool and early learning center, we encourage families to support a child’s academic success.  We help parents learn what they can do at home to support their child’s learning and development.

We also want you to share your thoughts and suggestions with us.  Feedback is always welcome at the Learning Centers! Together, we can continue to grow and provide the very best in Early Childhood Education that Hollywood FL and Broward County have to offer!