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The Learning Centers in Hollywood Fl uses creativity to help children learn

Learning Through Creativity

We at First Presbyterian Learning Centers see creativity as the ability to design and create, and to explore life through visual art, dance, music and drama. Constructing with Legos, boxes and blocks, acting out a story or clapping to the class’ favorite songs are all hands on activities that provide exposure to creativity and nurture each child’s individual creative talents.


Creativity through Visual Art

Our preschool students learn with creativity and art

Children learn about shapes, colors and develop motor skills through art projects

Visual arts can be paintings, drawings, sculptures made with play dough, clay, boxes or blocks, puppets, stamp art and collages made from magazine pages. Children may use crayons, pencils, water colors, markers, scissors, glue sticks, construction paper, newspapers and magazines. Age appropriate art materials are available throughout the day for all our students in low open shelves and in well organized and constantly maintained bins, easy to find and easy to put away after use.  First Presbyterian Learning Centers are fortunate to have a rich supply of any kind of art materials that preschool teachers may need. As a matter of fact, our art and school supplies are so extensive, that we had to create a resource room for the teachers, rather than just using a storage closet.  Our teacher assistants and support staff is always busy replenishing materials in the class rooms to ensure that teachers never run out of materials.  The artist in each child can’t help but be inspired and engaged in original art work.


Creativity through Dance

Dance allows children to express feelings, ideas and reflect on content learned. While their fine motor skills may not be developed well enough to produce letters accurately on paper, they may be able to happily dance their way through the alphabet or bend themselves into the shape of a number. Children respond and experience music through dance, an activity that provides lots of fun for the children. Teachers at First Presbyterian Learning Center foster physical development through dance by having children wave with scarves, ask a group of children to pretend to walk like animals or they might play a lullaby to help children learn to name feelings stirred by the song.


Creativity through Music

Our preschool, camp, and after school program engage children in music education and activities

Music Education, Dance & Movement

Music starts for our youngest students with listening to the voices of teachers and care givers. At First Presbyterian Learning Centers we take care that the tone of our voices is pleasant and soothing. We know that with our voices we create first melodies in young children’s brains. As children progress in age, they will find a variety of musical instruments and sound makers in their class rooms. Teachers provide opportunities for children to hear many types of music, recordings of animal sounds and songs in familiar or foreign languages. Children can also play simple instruments such as drums, cymbals and castanets for their enjoyment.


Creativity through Drama

Drama is found in children’s pretend and dress up play. Through action, conversation and movement children communicate with their friends and teachers. They may use props from the house keeping area or dramatic play area, the block area or engage in role play on the playground. First Presbyterian Learning Centers provide dress up clothes, props like dolls, trucks, cars, plastic dishes, pots and pans to encourage dramatic play and the expression of play ideas amongst friends and play mates.

Through expressive arts kids learn about the world: Learning Centers Preschool and Daycare