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Is There Such a Thing as a Perfect Parent?

For the parents out there, have you ever stop and said: “Wow, I’m a heck of a parent,” or do you often find yourself questioning your parenting skills? It seems as if parenting and guilt were cut from the same fabric . . “I should spend more time with my son, I shouldn’t be so […]

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The Me! Me! Me! Epidemic Among Children

Drivers cutting in front of you in traffic, people closing the door behind them on your face, millennials stepping on you while chasing Pokemons, teenagers taking selfies on your face, preschoolers pushing classmates to be first in line, toddlers making fits at the grocery store for treats. I mean, I can go on and on, […]

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How Rude! Secrets to Teach Our Children Manners

Teachings manners can be a difficult task for many parents, not only because of the components associated with discipline, but also because of parents’ hectic schedules. However, manners can go a long way, especially past a simple “thank you.” Focusing on etiquette and knowing your children have manners can help them establish positive relationships as […]

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