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3 Holiday Tips for Children of Separated Parents

holiday-for-seperated-parentsWith the holidays around the corner, it’s important for separated parents to discuss what’s the plan this year. The reality is, holidays for these families are never easy, but as long as we make the best of it for the well-being of the little ones.

Hollywood Learning Centers put together 3 tips to guarantee a peaceful and joyful time:

1) It’s Always About the Children!

Children will be children. They want their mommy and daddy together. It’s important for children to see that if things didn’t work out, the benefits of having separated parents is getting the two of best worlds, including holiday celebrations. Communicate what the plans are to be on the same page as far as beliefs, celebrations, traditions, charity projects, gifting, etc. Keep in mind, it’s always about the children, which might suck for parents. As long as our little ones are happy and knowledgeable of the real meaning of the holidays.

2) Scheduling and Making the Transition Smooth

Some parents schedule time for one parent to spend the holiday during the day, while the other parent during the night. Others, prefer to alternate holidays every other year.  As long as the children get to be with both parents, the exact day never matters. If we think about it, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s or other holidays always falls under different days. A child’s imagination can run wild! For parents who don’t have court guidelines, it’s important to plan drop off and pick up time, who’s driving, where and every detail to the “T.” And, please mommies and daddies, let’s make the transition smooth, cordial, and respectful. Parents are the two people our children love the most, let’s treat each other as such.

3) Let’s Make the Best of it!

It’s supposed to be the happiest time of year! Disagreements during these times is not an option. Agree the disagree, make sacrifices and remember that keeping the party at peace is better than being right all the time. There are many separated families that have been able to adjust to the reality of the situation. They get together and even gift each other presents. We don’t see them as much, they are not in commercials yet, but I promise they are out there. After, all why can’t we all get along.

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